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In sen agradesi ni’ Eskuelan Maga’låhen Huråo todu i sinapotten i kumunidåt, todu guini yan gi sanlagu. Manhula’ ham na para bai in kontenuha i nina’siñan-måmi para bai in chennek i prugråma siha para bai in enra i mision yan i lini’e’ mo’na gi tiempo.

Chief Huråo Academy appreciates
the generous support of the community,
both locally and abroad. We pledge to
continue our outreach efforts and push
our programs above and beyond in honor
of our mission and vision.



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“The timing is right to practice the language because there’s a cultural renaissance going on right now. The one thing that I think the language has offered us is a bond between generations because now my son, my brothers and sisters, and my aunties and uncles make it a point to converse in Chamoru, so that link is happening. It’s kind of infectious and you can see a sense of pride in other people when you speak the language. They get really magof (happy) when they can see someone else speaking Chamoru.

Before Huråo, I would never speak Chamoru at home, let alone in public. My son came from Huråo’s summer program and when your son corrects the Chamoru you do speak, it’s very humbling. We ended up taking some classes ourselves and the beautiful thing about stepping into Huråo is that it offered a safe place to practice your Chamoru, to make mistakes and learn.

We ended up speaking more and more Chamoru, enough so that when we came home, our family made it a point to speak to the rest of our family in Chamoru. It’s made our whole family closer and now I’m in the store talking to my son in Chamoru out loud. I heard him talking to someone one night while I was up late, so I walked into his room and he was dreaming in Chamoru, could you believe that? When he wakes up, the first thing he does is speak Chamoru and we speak to him in Chamoru as much as we possibly can. We still correct each other and a lot of times we get confused, but we’re still practicing.”

KarabåoRoland Quitugua